Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Hubster and me!

From the lyrics of our first-dance song, "I love you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow."


A little bit of progre... ooops!

When I started my 2nd repeat of the pattern for the top tab of the Quinn Bag, I accidentally skipped Row 1. Apparently, Row 1 is the row in the pattern that does the work of crossing the center cables over each other, so that step got skipped. Ooops! The Hubster suggested doing that as a part of the pattern so now I'm skipping Row 1 every other repeat.

Looks like this little mistake is working out beautifully! And, I'm really enjoying the process of knitting cables. Not only is it stimulating and a bit complicated for me, but it's also fun to be making something that's both flat and 3-dimensional. Oh, and it doesn't hurt at all that I'm also crossing off another "I wanna learn this" off my New Year's resolutions list!
I've been absent from this blog for a long time. Let's just get that past us and marvel at what I'm teaching myself right now! This is by far accomplishing one of my New Year's resolutions in knitting: learning to knit cables!!!

A few months ago I visited a yarn shop for my first-ever time! I went with my BFF Chelsea in Macon, Georgia and purchased three balls of this Spud & Chloe yarn in the color you see below called flannel as well as one that's a sort of heathered paprika color called sequoia. It's so chunky that it would be nearly impossible to knit a flattering sweater with it. Plus, I'd need tons more of the yarn than I have right now. And at $13.40 a ball, that's not very likely to happen with my budget right now.

But why not make a killer bag? I could use a handmade purse. And a big one. There's enough of this stuff to go very far and make a beautiful bag! So, I set out to find a pattern and found the perfect one for free. I know, big plus there. The pattern for the Quinn Bag shows cables all over, which is very pretty, but I found sknitty's version of the same bag posted online and loved it even more than the original.

 Original:                                                                  Modified:

It's only one round of cables at the top opening to frame off the rest of the bag which is simple and pretty. It seemed like the perfect beginner's project that wouldn't fatigue me too much on this attempt at a new-to-me knitting technique.

Excuse the lazy Sunday afternoon nightgown and un-manicured hand with a weird amount of wrinkles on my thumb. Here's what I'd done so far Sunday since I'd started the project: