Sock it to me!

Okay, okay.

So, I came into Socktoberfest at 120 miles an hour with no time to blink. And then things got pretty busy.

We bought this:

Because of that, this happened:

Then, we went here...

...for this:

Even though it's not technically the end of Socktoberfest, it is pretty late into the 27th out of 31 days. That means it's pretty much over. Boo, hiss! I'm preparing for the inevitable ending of October to only have this for show:

But hey, this is my first ever sock. And it turned out perfectly! I am quite proud of myself.

And little miss Vespa thinks this is a very fine sock, indeed. (There should be a "Cutest Dog of the Week" awarded over there at Ravelry, dontchathink? Vespa could totally be a winner.)

It wasn't the pair of socks for Hub and a pair of socks for myself, but it's more than I accomplished last year (which was nothing at all, because I didn't know Socktoberfest existed). Here's to accomplishment!



That's right. I had to frog some of Hubster's sock. Not all of it, but enough to set me back a day. And that's enough to make me angry with myself. I mean, who turns the heel of a sock without making the proper decreases? I picked up and integrated the heel stitches (you know, the stitches you slip when you're making the heel) and just started knitting around again like a fool, not realizing that just because the heel was attached to the rest of the sock, that doesn't mean it's going to be the shape of a Husband's foot. After I knitted about 3 inches, I started noticing that it wasn't really looking like a sock should. And, because the only "socks" I have ever knitted were a couple of gigantic stockings a year ago for Christmas, I didn't really know what I should be doing. I mean, after all... shouldn't a knitter who has no idea what she's doing abide only by pattern law at all times??? I guess I just got too excited about being on the home stretch of my very first ever real sock and forgot about the rules.

So for now, I've frogged those anarchy-ridden 3 inches and I'm back up to the heel again. Here's to rules! Hey, at least I knew enough to realize I was doing something wrong. Football Saturdays offer a perfect stretched-out afternoon to knit and cheer and yell at the tv. The sports announcers sound better, I think, with the tick, tick, click of my aluminum needles in the background anyway. :)


Here's to the good life.

We have officially moved into our first new home. And by officially moved into, I mean, boxes are unpacking one-by-one and at least the dishes are in the cabinets.

I experienced a few long moments of intense panic when I realized I wasn't sure where either Poppy doll or Hubby sock had been packed. And we've got a whole mess of boxes that are stuffed full of... just... stuff. Magazines, yarns, needles, books, patterns... everything. Luckily, the three important aforementioned work-in-progresses were found shortly after my mental breakdown. Tucked away in a corner of our new master bedroom, in their own little reusable grocery bag, all cozy and quiet and ready to be worked on again. *Sigh of relief.*

So, here's to the good life. Here I am, lying on the sofa, blogging and knitting a sock, some easy listening provided by The Strokes and Cake, pup curled up next to me while The Hubster clicks around at games on the computer. All that's missing is a cool, sweet glass of Riesling.


Sock update

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have progress!

I had The Hubs try on and model what I have so far of his first sock. I must admit, I am quite pleased with my results!

So far, it's been a pretty mindless project. This section of the socks for me definitely has a high rate of multitaskability with its K1, P1, K2, P2, etc, etc, etc repetition, so I've gotten in plenty of TV watching as well as searching for more Socktober projects for myself on Ravelry. I had forgotten how satisfying it is to listen to the subtle click, tick, tick of aluminum needles at work.

So far, so good! Now, let us keep our fingers crossed that I am this exuberant about the second sock and have the endurance left within myself to make my own pair, once they're decided upon. ;)