Beatnik for Vespa

It's still chilly as can be outside, and however cute it may be with its hot pink lining and rhinestone belt, poor little Vespa just hates the velcro closures on her $9 WalMart fur-lined doggy jacket -- they're itchy on her undercarriage. She is, after all, known by her sissy Shiloh (aka Posh Spice) as Sporty Spice. Which means: no rhinestones required for this chick.

That's it, I couldn't take it. I have officially started what I threatened in my previous little blip: I've cast on the Fabulous Dog Cozy and in lieu of the pattern maker's chosen cable design, I'm adding in the center cable pattern (Chart B) from Beatnik. Which makes my heart flutter just a little bit. My sweet little Vespa dressed just a little like me? Plus a turtleneck top? How cute is that? That's exactly what I said: very.


Easy reading

Finally getting around to opening this tonight. It's a very good sign when I'm in love with the front cover and the back cover.

Vespa isn't quite as thrilled to delve in. She's more interested in staying cozy and warm inside the skirt of my hot pink Snuggie. Can you blame her? I surely can't! Even though we didn't get the ice and snow (and more ice and more snow) that they got in Macon and above that, it's still frickin' freezing here and this little pup doesn't like the cold. Maybe I should set Beatnik aside and knit up a quick Fabulous Dog Cozy for her so I might have my lap back?


Starting the New Year off right

Happy New Year! I feel refreshed and ready for a challenge.

So, I cast on Beatnik from Knitty's Deep Fall issue and I am totally wild about it already. The moss stitch is such a simple contrast to all those pretty cable twists. I can't wait to get this one finished, blocked, and on my body! What a treat I'm making for myself.

The yarn is Cascade 220 in color Aspen Heather. It's a beautiful combination of a very light beige mixed with a very light gray -- so, it's right up my alley!

I'm so pleased with the color and the fabric that this yarn is making. I'll post more pictures and comments as the project grows. For now, here she is:

A big storm is on its way here to Georgia. We're probably only getting a lot of rain down here, because we're south enough and the temperature is a few degrees too mild. But up in middle Georgia and north Georgia, they just might have some big slip-n-slide action going on with inches of ice on the roads and snow on the ground. It's times like these you need a warm wool sweater to cuddle up into and enjoy the winter whiteness outside!

Keep warm everyone. See you again soon.