Cute as a motnet!

Well, guys, it's official. I was a real person in Round 2 of my Ravelry exchange group and have received a package in my mailbox as of this afternoon!

I grew up listening to my little sister talk about some of her favorite things in the world. Sometimes the hold your clothes together, sometimes they light up, sometimes they click, sometimes they buzz. One of my little sister's favorite words growing up wasn't even a real word at all: motnet! And what is a motnet, you might ask? Why, it's a button, of course! (By the way, that's pronounced in a typical Georgia southern accent, maht-nit with a soft o and a soft i.)

My scarf came out of its packaging and pretty much exploded into my hands. It's totally cute... cute as a button! It's all different shades of purple, from plum to lavender to a really rich and pretty grape-ish color. Now I'm gonna say this like Oprah: "LOOOOOOOOOOVE IIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!"

There were also a few treats in the package as a little bonus gift for me. I know, lucky me! There were two boxes of fruity-flavored teas, and the icing on the cake was another motnet. This time, quite literally. It's a ring decorated with three stacked motnets, and they all match my cute-as-a-motnet ruffle scarf! I know, it's totally perfect, right?

Thanks thanks thanks to Ladybug888 for pulling through like a truly kind, totally cool Canadian knitter would do.