Got it all worked out

For those of you who have been fretting, stressing, pacing the room, and worrying about that ugly little mess I recently shared... well, you can rest assured that things are gonna be a-okay. The emergency surgery took many hours to complete and there were two minor setbacks (the yarn broke twice while I was tugging at it not-so-ginger-like), but in the end the yarn was saved!

I'm a happy knitter now, lace-ing away on my Branching Out Scarf for my secret-secret scarfee.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you were able to get it untangled...I was so about to drive down from atlanta to go garbage diving after your last post!

    There were several patterns for cowls from the shop hop this fall but I never looked at them...several people had mentioned cowls for this swap and I thought "hey, that might be cool"...then Krystofer announced the new theme and I decided that I finally had to knit a cowl

    mere (aka lilk9too)

  2. Here's to showing your knitting who's boss!

    /raises a toast