Beatnik for Vespa

It's still chilly as can be outside, and however cute it may be with its hot pink lining and rhinestone belt, poor little Vespa just hates the velcro closures on her $9 WalMart fur-lined doggy jacket -- they're itchy on her undercarriage. She is, after all, known by her sissy Shiloh (aka Posh Spice) as Sporty Spice. Which means: no rhinestones required for this chick.

That's it, I couldn't take it. I have officially started what I threatened in my previous little blip: I've cast on the Fabulous Dog Cozy and in lieu of the pattern maker's chosen cable design, I'm adding in the center cable pattern (Chart B) from Beatnik. Which makes my heart flutter just a little bit. My sweet little Vespa dressed just a little like me? Plus a turtleneck top? How cute is that? That's exactly what I said: very.

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