Repurposing my yarn, one skein at a time

So, I've got quite a few good many yards of perfectly good kiwi-greenesque yarn. I really liked the dense quality and soft touch of Lion Brand's Cotton Ease yarn. I bought enough to make this sweater, and was so excited about it I could hardly contain my silly knitter self.

As time would tell, there was a pretty doom-and-gloom outcome in the making of this sweater--it never happened! As a novice sweater knitter, I discovered a major hitch in the pattern for this sweater (only because there weren't enough stitches to add in the separately-made sleeves) and pursued the writer of the pattern for assistance. Her email box was full. After leaving a few messages on her not-so-frequently-updated blog, I have yet to read a response from her on the issue and have since given up hope on ever finishing the once-50%-complete, delightfully-happy-looking project. *sigh.* I had even given her a name (Toula, as in, Toula from the movie My Big, Fat Greek Wedding), and had a dream about wearing her, tall and proud. *double sigh.*

Since setting aside my half-made, never-to-be-finished Toula, I set out to creating new things out of her guts. One simple little project I just finished last week didn't use too much yarn at all, but it was a quick and satisfyingly useful little project. I made a little purse pouch, convenient for carrying pens and other writing utensils, a small supply of mid-day touch-up makeup supplies, or other girly... necessities.

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