Sock it to me!

Okay, okay.

So, I came into Socktoberfest at 120 miles an hour with no time to blink. And then things got pretty busy.

We bought this:

Because of that, this happened:

Then, we went here...

...for this:

Even though it's not technically the end of Socktoberfest, it is pretty late into the 27th out of 31 days. That means it's pretty much over. Boo, hiss! I'm preparing for the inevitable ending of October to only have this for show:

But hey, this is my first ever sock. And it turned out perfectly! I am quite proud of myself.

And little miss Vespa thinks this is a very fine sock, indeed. (There should be a "Cutest Dog of the Week" awarded over there at Ravelry, dontchathink? Vespa could totally be a winner.)

It wasn't the pair of socks for Hub and a pair of socks for myself, but it's more than I accomplished last year (which was nothing at all, because I didn't know Socktoberfest existed). Here's to accomplishment!

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