Send in the model!

Because I'm obsessed with everything about the show Project Runway (did you know that about me?), I asked Vespa to present a little model fitting for me a couple nights ago.

She huffed and puffed and dug a cave into the down comforter I had piled on the sofa next to me. Little Miss Thang likes to bury herself and sleep in little spots that could likely result in us sitting on her if we're not careful about it.


Anyway, the fitting went really well! I can tell I'll want to do a little extra finishing work around the arms, and I'll definitely want to tack down the turtleneck fold so that it stays where it should. I'm even considering the addition of a little belt around the middle, just for vanity's sake (because if you knit cables, you know what it means to accidentally skip a row in your chart, and I did, thus the one-row-looks-like-crap effect around her midsection). But other than that the fit was perfect! Whew. This is a lot of work for a little dog sweater, so I'm glad it's working out so well.

Oh. Speaking of working out well, there is one flaw in the sweater, if you'd even call it that. I got the sweater onto Vespa because I attacked while she was sleeping. Poor thing woke up to Mama squeezing her lanky little poodle legs through the armholes. But try getting a cranky little prissy pup out of the thing! These directions don't call for any buttons, snaps, ties, or other means of putting a snug sweater onto a resistant furry little creature who can twist and wiggle her little body in a number of ways to both frustrate you and make you laugh at the same time. It sort of reminds me of Bridget trying to dress up her precious little dog Wednesday (she loved the Adams Family) into a bunny costume on the terrible tv show The Girls Next Door. Vepsa didn't take things as far as Wenny did, but she came pretty close... up until she decided to give me a girly little high-pitched whimper-slash-growl and nip at my fingertips.

She definitely likes the sweater, though.

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