Here's to the good life.

We have officially moved into our first new home. And by officially moved into, I mean, boxes are unpacking one-by-one and at least the dishes are in the cabinets.

I experienced a few long moments of intense panic when I realized I wasn't sure where either Poppy doll or Hubby sock had been packed. And we've got a whole mess of boxes that are stuffed full of... just... stuff. Magazines, yarns, needles, books, patterns... everything. Luckily, the three important aforementioned work-in-progresses were found shortly after my mental breakdown. Tucked away in a corner of our new master bedroom, in their own little reusable grocery bag, all cozy and quiet and ready to be worked on again. *Sigh of relief.*

So, here's to the good life. Here I am, lying on the sofa, blogging and knitting a sock, some easy listening provided by The Strokes and Cake, pup curled up next to me while The Hubster clicks around at games on the computer. All that's missing is a cool, sweet glass of Riesling.

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