Sock update

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have progress!

I had The Hubs try on and model what I have so far of his first sock. I must admit, I am quite pleased with my results!

So far, it's been a pretty mindless project. This section of the socks for me definitely has a high rate of multitaskability with its K1, P1, K2, P2, etc, etc, etc repetition, so I've gotten in plenty of TV watching as well as searching for more Socktober projects for myself on Ravelry. I had forgotten how satisfying it is to listen to the subtle click, tick, tick of aluminum needles at work.

So far, so good! Now, let us keep our fingers crossed that I am this exuberant about the second sock and have the endurance left within myself to make my own pair, once they're decided upon. ;)

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