2010 Knitting Resolutions

- Learn to read and knit by following a charted pattern
- Learn to knit with more than one color, aka fair-isle style
- Start supporting LYSs rather than trekking to the big-name stores for their convenience... plan projects, in detail, in advance
- Knit a special something for my sister to wear for her wedding in October
- Knit something special for myself
- Put the final, finishing touches on the two Poppy baby dolls I've been working on, and give them to their expectant toddler-mommies
- Finish the second half of  the second one of my husband's Hedgerow Socks
- Make myself a pair of socks and/or slippers
- Start knitting the gifts I know I want to give to family and friends next Christmas (yeah, I already have a few ideas, patterns, or favorite-ed Ravelry pages) asap

Do you have any knit-specific resolutions for 2010?

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