Dolce de Knit-che

While this is in no way directly related to knitting, I just had to post this little linky below (you can click on her beautiful photo that I totally stole for the beautification of my little bloggy corner of the internet). It's not a pattern, but it is a recipe. It's not about fibers, but it is about ingredients. And it sure would be great to sip on, on a night this cold.

It's currently 37 degrees here! I wish I could make my font shiver, to express this chill-to-the-bone that I have. If anyone out there is listening, reading, knitting... how cold is it where you are? What are you knitting to keep warm? I'm finishing the second of two Poppy baby dolls tonight. They don't warm my toes, but they sure do warm my little knitter heart. Gosh, it's gonna be so unbelievably difficult to give these precious little knitted baby dolls to their little toddler mommies-in-waiting. I love to cuddle with them when I think Hubster isn't watching, but he's apparently caught me a few times patting a little baby doll bottom as its little self lies against my chest. They're such sweet little things, I am convinced I'll be making one for myself.

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  1. Well, since I'm just up the road, I guess you know how cold it is here, and I don't like it! I didn't leave NE Ohio to freeze all winter in south GA!