Just block it already.

I've posted a short tutorial on blocking here on Purly before, but I just found this incredible thread over on Ravelry and I thought I'd share it with anyone who might be out there and interested.

I'm a strong believer in blocking my projects. If you take the time to flip through even just a few pages of the link of that thread up there, you'll totally understand why it's so necessary to show off all that hard work!

My sweater, Desert Rose, before I blocked her:

 Here she is after the bath, all stretched out and comfy, pinned to set the shape, and ready to shine:

Isn't she lovely?

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  1. Wow the blocking really made all the difference. About my little ones mitts, I laughed so hard when I saw the paint and all I thought was at least she's getting A LOT of use out of them before she out grows them :)