A resolution for 2010

Here's to a new year of happily knitting garments, toys, accessories, gifts, decorations, and anything else a knitter's heart might desire.

In 2010 I hope to keep up with PurlyTwirly a little better than I've been doing lately.  I do love knitting.  And I also love blogging (believe it or not).  Why wouldn't I take more care of a blog that flourishes on my gushing about knitting projects? Before The Hubs gave me the bright idea of starting a strictly-knitting blog, I would share my knitting projects with a few family members and friends who would pop into my personal blog every now-and-then.  Last year's resolutions included losing weight (whose resolutions don't include that one?), training our little puppy to behave around other animals and in public, and learning new knitting techniques... specifically, "learn to make laces, shapes, designs, colors, everything!!!"

Since January of 2009, I have actually learned a number of knitting techniques I wanted to learn. I made a sweater with lace in it (I named her Desert Rose although the original pattern is named Rusted Root).  And, in making that sweater with lace detail in it, I learned to knit-in-the-round, I learned to knit something other than a scarf (because up until then, that's all I had ever knitted... and I'd been knitting for about 6 years!), I learned to make increases and decreases, I learned to read a pattern (including all the abbreviations and symbols), I learned about the importance of blocking and actually blocked my first knitted project.  Oh, I learned a lot in 2009.

For 2010, two of my goals are to learn to knit from a chart, and to knit using more than one color.  I have already purchased my year-end project's chart-pattern, A Family Portrait which can be found on Ravelry.  (The designer, 2sticks, is super-nice, encouraging, positive, and quick to get back with you if you've got any questions about anything, so I highly recommend purchasing her patterns... support your fellow knitters!)

There is a short list of a few other knitting goals I've got, but I knew I wanted to go ahead and get this one out there in the open.  It is, after all, January 1st of 2010, and what's the 1st of the year without sharing a new resolution?

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